Hey There!
I’m Giuseppe

I’m a designer and art director founder and CEO at Weelab Inc. I have a passion for solving problems through design and technology, creating digital experiences that make new ideas come to life.


My objective is to provide companies with the healthy culture of web and its use as a means of communication and primary marketing tool. I’m specialized in web development and advertising strategies. After a careful analysis of your company’s history, the market, and the competition, I elaborate methods and technologies necessary to optimize your online business.

My activities create opportunities for new companies that need to increase their online traffic and the use of their products and/or services in their markets. We develop websites and study advertising strategies to ensure your business has high search engine optimization, create company identities on social networks and, through the management of an integrated communication network, make advertising an essential tool for engaging customers.

ideas happen!

Brand Identity
If you are looking to win over a crowded niche of the market, you need a solid and cohesive company identity. An effective company brand must communicate the fundamental values of your business to act as a springboard to success.

Design & Illustration
Graphics are where ideas become transformed into combinations of shapes and colours. We give life to the image of the company through listening, creating and renewing. Our journey begins with a communicated strategy and is completed with its concrete realization.

Web Design
We develop dynamic websites and e-commerce systems with responsive layouts that dynamically adapt to fit mobile devices of the latest generation, including smartphones and tablets, offering the best navigation experience.

Social Media Marketing
Our experience, partnership, and continued commitment to over 200 million social network users allow us to better manage visual advertising campaigns for social networks, continually studying the interests and behaviours of people who regularly populate/access the web.

Advertising Strategy
We study Pay per Click campaigns to effectively promote your brand and products, creating immediate visibility at low costs. Budgets are calculated based on the study of the reference market and the competition. We guarantee results of top online positions and elevated ROI.

P. +1 647 215 4892
E. info@giusepperizzuto.com