My innovative branding strategy and planning is essential for new products and startup companies, as well as for established brands to evolve with new world trends, position and aquire new target markets, escalate sales volume, diversify business and resist competitior’s information attacks.

I partner with modern companies to create disruption and drive real business results. Whether you’re launching a brand or reinventing an existing one, I’ll help you deliver your true message, unite your culture under a common purpose, and design a notable world-class brand that stands out.

I will provide you with an expert guidance on the costs, priorities and possibilities of delivering your brand promise — with the right audiences, at the right times, in the right places.

To reach people who matter, you need to tell your unique story with virtue and confidence. I’ll assit you to set the tone for your brand message, define groundwork for getting your message across and create specific content that fascinates in all the right ways.

Businesses I assisted toreach out what they dreamt

I’m intended to help clients all through since the very inception. I love doing it from the very scratch and give wings to my priceless clients.


Our leadership team brings
together expertise across
product, design, engineering,
sales and marketing.

Ekaterina Tropynina


Giuseppe Rizzuto